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Virgilio R. Pou Fernández

Partner and Director of Regulation and Business

Mr. Virgilio R. Pou Fernández is Director of Regulation and Business at Pou & Velazquez, Lawyers. He has a degree in Law from the Universidad Iberoamericana de Santo Domingo, graduating cum laude with a concentration in Corporate Law.


Currently, he is studying a master's degree in Business Transaction Law at the OMG Institute. His work experience covers both the public and private sectors, advising both national and foreign clients and working as a Lawyer at the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel), the telecommunications regulatory body in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Pou has extensive experience in the areas of corporate law, intellectual property, commercial restructuring and telecommunications law.


In his professional practice, Mr. Pou is described as a conciliatory, responsible, diligent and innovative person, who always presents innovative and strategic solutions that lead to the resolution of conflicts and in turn manages to meet the clients' objectives. Mr. Pou is an active member of the Dominican Bar Association (CARD).

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